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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Home Van Pet Care Project News - August 2015

Dear Friends:  Many thanks to all who donated to our fund to purchase a pickup truck to help us with pet food distribution.  We are excited to announce that  we more than exceeded our goal of $2500!  After raising roughly $4000, we now have sufficient funds to purchase the perfect vehicle if we shop carefully.  Of course, more donations are always welcome and can make our position better.

Now we're hoping you can help us find the right truck.  We are seeking an older, used truck, with not too many miles.  We are open to different manufacturers, but ideally would purchase a Toyota or Nissan since they often last a long time.  Our first choice would be a Toyota.  It could be an older, smaller model.  Next choice is Nissan of a similar size.  In domestic pickups, a Ford F150 always seems to last.  Whatever we get needs to have working A/C!  We have a great mechanic who will check over anything we consider.  For more details and ideas, please call or text Elizabeth at 352-246-2727.

Maggie is grateful for donations, especially Mighty Dog Beef!
Dignity Village:  We distribute pet food twice each week at Dignity and are already off to a very good start with vaccinations, spay/neuter and license tags that we purchase for them at Alachua County Animal Services.We sent representatives to two Oversight Committee meetings for Grace/Dignity.  The final result is that our rules for pets are incorporated as part of the rules for residents.  Our rules cover animal care including food, water and shelter.  They also state that all pets living in Dignity Village must be fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered!  In the long run this will help homeless people acquire places to live because their animals have been well cared for.

Bear waits patiently for his veterinary visit.
Veterinary Care:  In coordination with St. Francis Pet Care, we had another veterinary visit in August, and are trying to coordinate a consistent monthly schedule for the future.  We are working very hard to set our processes in place so that all the animals can be spayed, neutered and kept up to date on vaccinations.  Quite a number of veterinarians and  vet techs are donating their services to this process, and Home Van Pet Care is always there to distribute pet food.

Downtown Pets:  They are thriving.  Most of the people who pick up pet food from us downtown have their pets enrolled in the nearby St. Francis Pet Care Clinic program.  We advise them also on other affordable organizations available locally.

We need volunteers to help with pet food distribution, record keeping, and helping improve campsites for the pets.  If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact us.  In addition, we welcome all financial donations as well as pet food, harnesses, leashes, collars, tarps, rope, bungee straps, heavy duty water bowls and gallon bottles of water that can be reused.  If you have something to donate, let us know.

Financial donations can be made by check payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., and mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604; or by PayPal at our blog, Pet food and other items can be dropped off at Sisset's Home and Patio, 3429 W. University Avenue in Gainesville, 352-224-5192.  For more information or to volunteer, call 352-473-9423.


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