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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home Van Pet Care Project News - June 2015

From Elizabeth Howard, Coordinator

 Our Mission:  To provide food for pets of homeless persons in our community; offer education on pet care and spay/neuter; assist with access to veterinary care; foster respect for animals and the animal/human bond.

Elizabeth gives a treat to Magic at
Dignity Village.
It has been business as usual at major distribution places at Grace Marketplace/Dignity Village and Lynch Park. We have been continuing to hand out pet food, treats, tarps, water and water bowls despite the stifling heat. These pets need water and shade more than ever this time of year, and we are trying our best to provide that.

We recently initiated crowd funding campaign to raise enough money to buy a used pick up truck. We are already 12% of the way there, but there is only a month left of the campaign.
If you would like to contribute toward our goal, you can visit and make a donation. You can also send a check to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604; or donate via PayPal right here on our blog.

Volunteer vets work in the shade of
a tent on a hot Saturday morning.
We're saying a big "Thank You" to the veterinarians and others who volunteered their services to come out to examine and vaccinate "our" dogs at Grace Marketplace/Dignity Village. This was St. Francis Pet Care Clinic's second successful outreach there and was put together by Patti Gordon, DVM  and her crew of veterinarians, vet techs and other volunteers. There will hopefully be more successful events like this to come. 

Lucy waits patiently for her turn to see
a vet.
Our wish list includes tarps, water bowls, food bowls, canvas bowls that can be easily carried, collars, leashes, and tie-out or running lines. We sometimes like certain brands or types, so give us a call. Pet food donations are always welcome. We use primarily Purina types with Friskies Seafood Sensation being a long-time favorite of the cats and the green bag Purina for dogs.  You can always call us for more information.

Financial donations can be made by check payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., and mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604; or by PayPal at our blog, Pet food and other items can be dropped off at Sisset's Home and Patio, 3429 W. University Avenue in Gainesville, 352-224-5192. For more information or to volunteer, call 352-473-9423.


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