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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project News, January/February: Providing food for pets of the homeless

“All I want is all there is and then some. All I want is all there is and more …” (long forgotten song fragment)

That’s how much pet food we want for our Project. We received what I would call “a gracious plenty,” through the past year, and especially at Christmas. Even though these thanks are coming to you a bit delayed, please know that is because we had so much to give, a welcome predicament.

Many donations are anonymous, especially those that are dropped off quietly at a friend’s house. Results of a food drive that is a contest between two departments at UF are kind of mind-boggling. And our very quiet financial donors are very much appreciated.

Because of all this generosity we are able to do more. In 2013 we provided three dozen county license tags for dogs, also running lines that provide more freedom at campsites, several dog or cat shelters, and were able to help with relocation of several animals.

Kitty Tiffany who was abandoned when her family was evicted was relocated to a small local sanctuary. We placed a kitty there once before and can see she is doing well. Several dogs and puppies were taken in to rescue groups or foster homes, on their way to a permanent home.

A word about the rescue groups. We have about 20 of these groups in our area and we are very lucky to have them. These groups take animals from Animal Services, place them in foster homes and take responsibility for finding each animal a permanent home. If you want to know more about these groups, there is a very good monthly publication called “Critter Magazine” that is available free at Civic Media Center, Earth Origins and Earth Pets, or call Critter at 352-486-1705 for many other locations.

We ask you to support the rescue groups by volunteering and donating, and to support spay/neuter. This will help insure that all companion animals are born to loving homes, we won’t see skinny mama kitties rooting in dumpsters and precious pups abandoned in the woods.

We always need volunteers for our Project. There are limits to what people can carry on a bike or on foot, so sometimes help is needed to transport pet food and so on. Transporting the animals from one place to another is also sometimes needed.

We have an ongoing need for pet food, of course (“all there is and more”). If you can donate pet food, call 352-473-9423 for current needs. Financial donations can be made by check to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604 or Pay Pal at our blog, General information #is 352-473-9423.


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