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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project News, November - December 2013

From: Elizabeth Howard, Coordinator

The primary mission of Home Van Pet Care Project is to provide pet food for pets of the homeless and very low income people in our community. We do a great deal of other supportive work, including helping with access to spay/neuter at clinics, providing education about pet care, and giving many supplies to help people provide a better life for their pets.

We’re presently working on campsites to make these areas as comfortable as possible for the dogs and cats that live in these areas. We gave out large water bowls and also some tarps where needed. We installed several running lines and continued our project to supply County license tags. We’re taking out some hay this week to supply more comfort in preparation for colder weather. This is ongoing work for which we always need volunteers, supplies and donations.

CHRISTMAS FOR THE ANIMALS: We’ll have a small celebration with some cookies for people, cats and dogs and we’ll give extra food supplies. Christmas Wishes: The dogs always want more treats and the kitties like them also. Both dogs and cats like those warm fuzzy blankets, the kitties love catnip mice, and the dogs like those strongly woven chew toys. Canvas folding water bowls are great and we can always use collars and leashes of all sizes. We will give as much extra dry food as possible at this time and also canned foods, the fishy types for the kitties and chicken flavors for the dogs. If you can contribute wish-gifts or money for us to buy them, please let us know.

CHRISTMAS FOR TIFFANY: Tiffany’s family was evicted on very short notice due to code violations of the property owner. Tiffany was left behind and we are helping them to visit and feed her. Tiffany is a sweet and pretty 2-3 year old kitty who is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. She is very afraid of dogs, and would make a good inside kitty. We really need to get her out of her present situation as quickly as possible. Please call as soon as possible: 352-473-9423.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Like Tiffany, our pets are sometimes in danger of abandonment when their caretaker faces eviction, or goes to hospital or even jail. We are need of foster parents who will stand by to care for a dog or cat, long or short term and sometimes on short notice. These animals will be frightened and missing their humans so you must be very kind and patient. We will supply all food and other material needs and will contact rescue groups and potential adopters for long term housing and permanent homes. For more information or to volunteer contact Elizabeth at 352-473-9423.

PET FOOD DRIVES: If you are part of a school, social or religious group who can put together a Christmas pet food drive for us, we would appreciate that. Please call for information if you can help in this way: 352-473-9423.

We have an ongoing need for bags of dog food and cat food. Please contact us for current needs. Volunteer helpers are also needed and appreciated. If you can contribute financially, please send checks made to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604 or PayPal at our blog, . To volunteer, to donate food or for more information contact Elizabeth at 352-473-9423 or

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