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Friday, March 15, 2013

Home Van Pet Care Project News March/April 2013

From Elizabeth Howard, Facilitator

Our primary mission is to provide food for pets of homeless persons in our community. We’re coming close to six years of service now so we have a lot of memories of people and animals we have met along the way.

We always appreciate the support of our animal community and thank you for your donations. Once a week we distribute pet food in Downtown Gainesville, we also go to the camps and sometimes make home visits for low income and housed clients who need help for their animals. We are known to other animal protection groups and the groups support each other.

We have a continuing need for any size bags of dog food and cat food and appreciate if you call ahead for current needs. We presently need financial donations to supplement our emergency medical fund and provide for special needs. See information below in order to donate.

REMEMBERING DAVE WHEELER. In August 2009, I wrote this in our Newsletter: “I know now. A friend is someone you can call at 9am on a Sunday morning and say: ‘one of the cats is dead’ … and your friend says:’ I’ll be there in 10 minutes.’ And he (or she) is there in 5, and digs the hole for you.” Dave Wheeler was that friend, and he was that kind of guy. Dave died a couple weeks ago, at peace and happy with his life. Dave had left here a couple years ago to be with family and receive medical treatment out of state. He came back to Gainesville in November of last year to spend some time with his buddies in the woods. He was planning to join his sister and family in Las Vegas where he would be able to work with them in their cat rescue group.

Dave really loved dogs and cats. He helped us a lot for Home Van Pet Care by keeping an eye on the pets near his campsite and making sure that everyone had their pets spayed and neutered. In order to honor Dave’s memory we have created a special fund for Donations in his name. We will earmark this fund for collars, leashes, harnesses, running lines and other such items that will help keep the animals safe, comfortable and happy. We will also add to our medical fund that we keep for non-clinic emergencies.

We would appreciate donations to the Dave Wheeler Memorial Fund. Checks can be made payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., and mailed c/o of Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604, or through our PayPal on our blog at

ADOPT THIS KITTY: This little black and white girl is named Jenna. She was taken in briefly by a formerly homeless man who found he couldn’t keep her. He turned her over to Animal Services who have taken very good care of her. She is presently in their New Hope Adoption program, so her adoption fee is minimal.

Jenna is a sweet and affectionate little girl who had been abandoned when her family moved away from their apartment complex. She suffered a respiratory infection but was nursed back to health by the caring staff at Animal Services. Please visit her at Animal Services and also let us know if you can take this little girl into your home. For more information, call Alachua County Animal Services at 352-264-6870 and ask about Jenna, ID# A476114.

TO DONATE food or supplies or to volunteer for many needed tasks, call Elizabeth Howard at 352-473-9423 or email Financial donations can be mailed to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604 or by PayPal at our blog,


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