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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Van Pet Care Project News – December 2012-January 2013

From: Elizabeth Howard, Facilitator

Bucket Christmas: We had a great Bucket Christmas thanks to your help. Money for the buckets was donated. We were able to purchase 45 of those bright orange-red buckets, and fill them with plenty of dog food, cat food, treats and toys. The food was eaten, and the buckets will are reusable for many needs.

Several groups helped us by sponsoring pet food drives. If you can continue this all during the year that will help us have a stable base for the pet feeding. I don’t try to thank all the groups and people who help in this newsletter as I am bound to leave someone out. People who have given before and know when and where to drop off donations sometimes bring food, toys, treats and gifts like those lovely soft little blankets and we never know who has been there. The donation you may believe is small…the one that is large…all are deeply appreciated and we thank you on behalf of the animals and their people.

Winterization Project: We need help to complete a special project for Spartan and Munchie, shown in the photo guarding their new houses. The houses were donated by St. Francis Pet Care Clinic and we still need help to secure them properly and be sure running lines or tie-downs are placed correctly. Please let us know if you can help. (contact info below)

HELP US TRANSPORT PETS FOR SPAY/NEUTER. We have several housed clients who have one or more cats or dogs in need of spay/neuter. This will be hands-on, face-to-face mentoring and it will be demanding as it sometimes is to comply with the rules and needs of the various clinics. There will be communication and teaching of clients. We will help you and you will like it! Let us know please (contact info below.)

CAT HOME. The Tent City Tribe, is now relocated to their new home. They have adjusted well to the relocation and of course they are adult cats, spayed and neutered a long time ago. Thank you for your donations and help with this project. Here is a photo of their little house. The cats might be inside, as they don’t like to have their picture taken.

Thank you so much for all your help. To donate pet food or supplies, call Elizabeth at 352-473-9423 for drop off location and current needs or inquire by email Financial donations are always welcome and checks can be mailed to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604, phone 352-473-9423, email You can also donate by PayPal on our blog,


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