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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June/July Update

HOME VAN PET CARE PROJECT, INC., June/July 2012 * From Elizabeth Howard, Coordinator Our mission is to provide pet food for the pets of the homeless and low income persons in our community. JUST SOME ANNOUNCEMENTS AT THE MOMENT: Elderly woman needs help to care for dogs while she is hospitalized: Date and length of hospitalization not known yet. There are two small dogs (8# or thereabouts). This is in the Millhopper area and there is a fenced yard so they don’t have to be walked outside the yard. Colleen Pisano is the person who contacted Home Van Pet Care Project about this situation, and she is willing to receive emails in order to find someone to help. Colleen’s email is Colleen said that she would tend the dogs in the mornings so this would only be for once per day. You can contact Colleen for more information. ***************************************************************************************

Flea season is upon us. After a warm winter, every type of insect seems to have proliferated. We can use flea combs, diatomaceous earth (food grade from Earth Pets Natural on NW 10th Ave.), Advantage and Revolution for cats of medium size and Advantage for dogs, large size. Sometimes if we just give a pet owner one or two rounds of flea prevention, with the flea comb and D.E., they can get things under control and won’t need more. *****************************************************************************************

There’s no such thing as too much pet food and we always seem to need more bags of dry food for both dogs and cats. We need to stay stocked up for emergencies and continue to give as much as we can for the pets of the homeless and low income people in our community. Financial donations are also welcome and can be mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604 or through PayPal on our blog, We also need volunteers to assist with various duties. Call Elizabeth Howard 352-473-9423 for more information on any of the above.

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