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Monday, May 28, 2012

NEWS & UPDATE, May/June 2012

From: Elizabeth Howard, Coordinator

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France

The job of our project is to provide food for pets of homeless and low income persons in our community. This definitely leads us here-and-there.

We Went To The Dogs: Two Alachua County Animal Services officers accompanied us to several homeless encampments. We’ve wanted to do this for quite some time so that the officers had a chance to meet the dogs and the people and to give some education about spay/neuter and other issues. Most people were home as were the dogs and we all could see that the great majority of people are caring well for their pets. We made sure everyone knows about the benefits of St. Francis Veterinary Clinic and that they know where and when they can pick up pet food from our project. We really appreciate all the hard work of Alachua County Animal Services and that they made time for us.

Our Film Screening was a great success. The films, “Cardboard,” and “Carbon for Water” were very well done and informational. Both films reminded us that in our area the hot weather is coming. We ask everyone to carry water with you when you go out and keep an eye open for people who may need a bottle of water. Be sure to ask if they need water for their pets also.

Our friend Linda King died unexpectedly this month, returning to us little Cassie, the kitty that Linda adopted a year ago after Cassie was injured while living in Tent City. Linda and Cassie loved each other and Cassie, being well cared for, improved in her balance and hearing. We were very lucky that the 12th Generation Ferret & Cat Sanctuary took her in right away together with one of her playmates, Sweetpea, so they are safe for life. We will miss Linda King, a kind and gentle person who supported our project and loved cats and birds. Linda had three other cats who are in a foster home, so let us know please if you could adopt one of these kitties into your home.

Two other kitties, Silver and Gold, remain in foster home while improving from their digestive difficulties. They are well loved there and will no doubt be taken in as permanent residents.

Sadly, we say goodbye to lovely Tucker, the 8 year old kitty of Debbie N., a Home Van Pet Care helper who is a friend to many animals. Debbie is the person who gives us the use of her carport as a dropoff place for donations. On Thursday morning May 3, two blue heelers invaded Debbie’s neighborhood and killed two kitties, one of them Tucker, who were enjoying the morning in their own yards.

We all want to keep our pets safe and we do the best we can, but the dogs, who were wearing collars and tags, apparently got out from somewhere, killed the cats and frightened neighborhood residents who are close to each other and who customarily walk their dogs and children down the streets. Animal Services is trying to locate the owners of the dogs, who need to know what happened. The neighborhood is on the outskirts of the Duckpond. Please call Animal Services if you want more information or know the dogs and their owners.

Gainesville Pet Rescue is searching for a blue-nose pit who was separated from his owner during a motor vehicle collision. He was thrown from the vehicle on US 301 near Hawthorne, and in spite of an intense search has not yet been located. Please let us know if you have any information as to his whereabouts.

We have a continuing need for bags of dry dog food and cat food and we need volunteers to assist in bagging and sorting food donations. We also need people to accompany us and help with pet food distribution. These efforts start about Noon on Wednesdays and continue till about 3pm. We need volunteers to help feed and supervise the Tent City Tribe of Cats and to seek pet food and financial donations.

In closing, we just want to repeat some words of John Lennon, an astute observer of life in his times: “Nobody said there’d be days like these … strange days indeed.”

For more information, to drop off or ask for pick up of donations, you can call Elizabeth Howard, Home Van Pet Care Project Coordinator, at 352-473-9423, To make financial donations, send checks c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville Fl 32604, or pay by PayPal on our blog,


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