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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Home Van Pet Care Project News -- December 2016

From Elizabeth Howard, coordinator

There are times when Home Van Pet Care Project volunteers have to go beyond just making sure the animals have food- HVPC re-homed 15 animals, mostly dogs, in 2016.

Carolina wandered onto the Dignity Village property and was immediately taken in and cared for by one of the residents.  Already having several dogs, this resident knew he needed to find a home for this very friendly lab mix. Carolina came about her name because she was chipped and was traced to a rescue group in South Carolina.  After a couple of weeks of trying to find her family, Carolina was adopted. Walks on the beach with her two 4-legged brothers and rides in the boat are now a daily part of Carolina's routine on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Recently, the residents of Sweetwater Branch homeless camp were forced to move by the property owner.  One of the couples realized that four dogs was too many to have and relinquished 2 of them-Sparkle and Yogi.  Sparkle was taken in by Gainesville Pet Rescue. Yogi was adopted by a customer of Sisset's Home and Patio who needed a companion and new best friend. Both are very happy. Such a cute dog!!

Most of the re-homing situations that HVPC Project handles are time sensitive. There are limits as to how long these animals can stay at Alachua County Animal Services (ACAS), foster homes, etc.... A big concern is the comfort and mental stability of these animals, some from bad situations such as abuse, abandonment and/or being passed around or sold from person to person.  No one to trust, constantly tied out, Gigi was abandoned, living in a cage not much bigger than she is, at Sweetwater Branch homeless camp.  No food, no water. 
Alachua County Animal Services took Gigi in where she was placed in a dangerous dog area of the shelter due to aggression. The veterinarians and techs were not able to be examine her, much less get close to her, thus Gigi's days were numbered.  HVPC wanted Gigi to have a second chance so they boldly took her out of her run at ACAS after noticing that she was growling, barking...but wagging her tail and somewhat curious as to who we were. Gigi had lived her life in a small cage and was now in what she thought was a bigger cage.  Her only defense since she couldn't run was to growl, bark and be mean.  Once Gigi was in the play area at ACAS she ran around like a puppy; she chased and returned tennis balls; she rolled over for us to scratch her belly; she was happy.  Once back in the run, Gigi was mean again.  The next morning Gigi left ACAS with a Home Van Pet Care Project volunteer and was examined by the Veterinary Community Outreach Program (VCOP) at UF where she was deemed healthy and not so mean.  After a quick posting on Sisset's FB page, a home was immediately found.  Gigi now has the run of her Jacksonville house, including the bed and the sofa, and helps her dad with his sales work on the computer.

All of the animals are spayed or neutered and get exams, including a heartworm test, before being adopted out. Thank you to all the rescue groups and the wonderful people at VCOP, ACAS and St. Francis Pet Care for helping the Home Van Pet Care Project when we need it most. 

Chico (left) and Tank (right) have both been neutered at VCOP and continue to lead healthy lives at Dignity Village thanks to our monthly veterinary clinics. We hope that they will have a home of their own with their owners some time soon. 

Now it’s almost Christmas, so we’re asking you to give some special donations for our very special pets Downtown, at Dignity Village and wherever we find them in need. We’ll have small Christmas gatherings with cookies for pets and their people and a toy and treats for each pet. We owe a big thank you to everyone who offers a food drive to help us out. This year, we owe a big thank you to Girl Scout Troop 1247 for their generous donation of pet food and supplies. 

This year our wishlist includes:
1. Large metal crate (42”)
2. Collars, harnesses and leashes (all sizes)
3. Toys (preferably rope tug toys because they are durable and safe)
4. Sweaters, beds, and soft fuzzy blankets
5. Cat carriers (medium size)
6. Tarps of all sizes, but particularly large (19x23 or greater)
7. Canned dog food (Mighty Dog or Purina One)
8. Canned cat food (Fancy Feast)
9. Dry dog food (Purina green bag)
10. Dry cat food (Purina Friskies Seafood Sensation)

Tiger, Sylvester, and Porkchop would love some warm blankets this winter so they can curl up and nap.

Financial donations can be made by check payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., and mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604; or by PayPal right here.   Pet food and other items can be dropped off at Sisset's Home and Patio, 3429 W. University Avenue in Gainesville, 352-224-5192.  For more information or to volunteer, call or text 352-246-2727.

Also, don't forget our 
Amazon Wish List!  Or designate Home Van Pet Care Project as your beneficiary on Amazon Smile.


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