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Friday, November 28, 2014

Home Van Pet Care News - November/December 2014


Home Van Pet Care Project now distributes pet food both Downtown and at Grace Marketplace, our new homeless shelter. One day close to Christmas we will have little parties, with cookies for the people and treats for the dogs and cats.
We hope you can help us provide some Christmas gifts for the animals. Here is our Wish List:

  • Treats for both dogs and cats. The kitties are fond of Temptations Tuna Treats and the dogs like Milk Bone dog biscuits and also the ones from Publix. For special treats at Christmas, some canned food, Fancy Feast tuna for the kitties is a luxury and the substantial brands like Paul Newman and Merrill for the dogs.
  • Safe toys. Of course the kitties always like catnip mousies and also sometimes like a stuffed toy to cuddle with. The dogs like chewy toys and also seem partial to toys that squeak and stuffed toys.

  • Soft Blankets. Those small fleece blankets are soft and warm for both dogs and cats.
  • For the Project in general we need: Collars and leashes for the dogs, Large and Medium, cat carriers in good condition. We always need bags of dry food of any size and tarps for use at campsites are appreciated.

  • Here are some of our animal friends who will enjoy your gifts:
    Ginger is a dear friend. She recently relocated from Tent City to Grace marketplace with her person, and seems very comfortable there.

    Beautiful Bella is a sweet little girl. Even though she is very young, she is already a service dog for her person. Bella takes her responsibilities very seriously.

    Gator is low to the ground. He lives in a campsite where his people take good care Of him and everyone is his friend.

    Marty is a sociable fellow who lives quietly with his person at a well organized campsite. At naptime he sleeps in the tent on his person’s bed.

    We just met Bear. He is an older dog and has had an interesting life. Now he seems to prefer naps and loves to be petted.

    Thank you so much for all your help. To donate pet food or supplies, call Elizabeth at 352-473-9423 for drop off location and current needs or inquire by email Financial donations are always welcome and checks can be mailed to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604, phone 352-473-9423, email You can also donate by PayPal on our blog,


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