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Monday, May 5, 2014


Providing Food for Pets of the Homeless

Our primary mission is to provide food for pets of homeless and very low income people in our community. Our supporters are generous, and we are sometimes able to provide for other needs: shelter, collars and leashes, county licenses and veterinary attention.

FOOD FIRST: Our primary distribution is on Wednesdays in the Courtyard of the Civic Media Center. We try to make this a peaceful time and give as much as we can. We also sometimes visit campsites to distribute food, water and treats. If you would like to visit, call for information (see below).

Recently we started a DOG HOUSE PROJECT and have now installed four dog houses at various campsites. Each house is made individually by a carpenter friend. In the house pictured, all materials except the nails and screws were obtained recycled. If you would like to contribute to our Dog House Project, please indicate this on your Donation (see below).

Shadow Pardee loves his house And went right in.


Jackie: A#499,500 (left)
Max: A#499,499 (right)

Jackie and Max are sweet and lovable kitties about a year old. They lived peacefully as a small colony tended and loved by a homeless woman for over a year. We helped with spay/neuter and supplied their food and all was well until a neighbor suddenly decided she wanted them out! Jackie and Max were taken to ACAS, but the other three, sadly, are still missing. If you can give these kitties a home, they would make good pets and they surely need your help. You can call Alachua County Animal Services to visit these kitties and for more information.

WHAT’S COMING UP: A new homeless shelter finally. The energy is good, and basic day services will begin on June 1. We’re working with the Homeless Coalition so that dogs and cats can be accommodated. The not so good news is that Tent City will be evicted. Please stand by with us on this as we will be vigilant to see that no dogs or cats are abandoned. HOME VAN PET CARE NEEDS: Volunteers to help with pickup and sorting of food donations; to get our County license tag records up to date; to prepare for fund raisers coming up. We always need bags of dog food and cat food, canned cat food, tarps, collars and harnesses and financial donations.

For more information, to volunteer or to donate, contact Elizabeth Howard, 352-473-9423, You can contribute financially by PayPal on our blog, or by check made to Home Van pet Care Project, Inc. and mailed to Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!


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