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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UPDATE – November 2012

From Elizabeth Howard, Project Coordinator

Our primary mission is to provide food for the companion animals of homeless and very low income persons in our community.

Pet Deposit Paid: With the help of generous donations, we were able to pay the pet deposit for our friends Diane and James, who were assisted by the Veterans Administration Supported Housing Program to secure an apartment and move out of the woods. When we visited, their dogs Nip Nip and Bigger were enjoying the safety and comfort of the new apartment and things were well with the family. Keeping people together with their pets is one of our goals, and it is an important way to show our respect for the animal human bond. Many thanks to those who helped.

More Friends Relocating:  At last we have found a home place for our Tent City Tribe of Cats. We will soon be relocating them to a new home in an area east of Gainesville. There are six cats in the Tribe. Mama Kitty (Margaret) and her two sons, Sunshine Light and Pretty Boy are original cats of the Tribe. Mercedes and Noble and dear Little Bit will also be relocating, of course. We have loved and tended, spayed and neutered and fed and watered these kitties for over five years and we will continue take responsibility for their welfare and to feed and care for them. The kitties can retire now, and relax, and we will be relieved of our worries about their welfare.

 We are in the process of renovating a small shed where the kitties can rest and acclimate to their new surroundings and are in need of donations to help with materials for that as well as for general relocation expenses. If you can chip in on these expenses just mark your check or PayPal payment  “Cat Tribe Relocation.” For more detail and to donate, see below.

Home Van Pet Care is in need of any size bags of cat food or dog food. We will need extra tarps and large plastic bins for winter shelters. You can call for current needs, for pickup and dropoff information and also let us know if you would like to volunteer with our project. We distribute an average of 100# of dog food and 100# of cat food each week at various locations so we always need your help with this, and thank everyone so much for helping us.

Checks can be mailed to Home Van Pet Care Project, c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville FL 32604, phone 352-473-9423, email . You can donate by PayPal on our blog, Photos and archives are also there on our blog.

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