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Sunday, January 15, 2012


January 15, 2012
From: Elizabeth Howard, Project Coordinator

Christmas was good for the animals of the homeless and low income people who we serve. We had our own small Christmas party at our Wednesday pet distribution location downtown. Heather B. had made gift bags for dogs and cats, there were precious catnip mice and plenty of dog treats, extra canned foods and our regular distribution of dog and cat food.

Gainesville has a heart for animals and over the holidays we received toys and blankets, a dog house for someone who needed one, lots of hay for cold weather padding that was delivered in person by some animal friends and plenty of food for our ongoing feeding duties.

On behalf of the Project, our animal friends and their people, we thank you for everything, and wish a happy and prosperous New Year for all.

A Happy Dog Story: A month or so ago, a couple of us went for a walk to see some dogs. When we found them at their campsite we could see they were in very unhealthy condition. We called Animal Services. They came out right away and continued to oversee cleanup and treatment of these two dogs. Poverty and desperation breed neglect of self and pets and that was the case with these pet owners. Animal Services directed them to St. Francis Veterinary Clinic … vets, students and volunteers jumped right into treatment and a massive campsite cleanup the likes of which have seldom been seen. With care and support, things are better all around. Everyone needs support and help to recover from homelessness. I’m hoping we can all be inspired to make this kind of help happen for more animals and people in the future.

Tent City Cat Tribe: We are continuing our efforts to relocate the Tribe. We simply cannot continue to maintain them in the Tent City area and are searching for homes for the six adults.

Margaret the Matriarch with her two sons, Mister Grey and Sunshine Light are bonded and must go together. Mercedes the Beautiful and Noble Noble are best friends and must stay together. Little Bit might go on her own or can stay with Margaret and Sons.

There are a number of housing options for the Tribe. To learn about Modern Barn Cats, go to and read about an unusual Sanctuary service for cats and dogs. All our cats are healthy and will be vet-checked before being placed for adoption.

The two babies who turned up recently, Silver and Gold, have been spayed and neutered and vaccinated and placed in a foster home. They are precious little kitties, about four months old, who came to us like Hansel and Gretel, out of the woods, hand in hand (or maybe it was paw in paw). They are quickly becoming tame, and will be precious pets and a lot of fun for a safe and caring inside home. Can you adopt them and give them a permanent home?

Silver, a male
Gold, a female

For more information about all these cats, contact Elizabeth Howard at 352-473-9423 or

Are you concerned about pet overpopulation? Hoping for more homes and less euthanasias? Want to provide input of your animal concerns for pet rescue groups and Alachua County Animal Services? Go to and express your concerns and ideas in a survey. Respond by February 3.

Home Van Pet Care Project needs any size bags of dry dog food and cat food, tarps and bungee cords, flea combs for dogs and cats, financial support and your good wishes. Checks can be made payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc. and mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604. You can also donate through PayPal on our blog, You can Like us on Facebook, and call for more information and drop-off locations to Elizabeth at 352-473-9423 email
We are a Florida non-profit charitable corporation so all donations are tax-deductible.

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