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Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Van Pet Care News & Update October/November 2011

From Elizabeth Howard, Project Coordinator.

Our major effort is to feed the animals of the homeless and low income people, and this does lead to lots of other helping efforts.

Right now we need volunteers who can do any size pet food drive before cold weather and holidays. This can be a collection basket in your place of work, it can be your church or social group or you can approach a place where you shop and ask if you can place a collection bin. Just call for more info. (see below)

You can also donate food yourself. We have two drop-off places, or you can just come by the Gainesville Downtown Public Library any Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm where we do our pet food distribution. From now till Christmas I’ll be the one in the PURPLE HAT. We usually sit on the stone benches under the trees to your right as you drive in. We’ll be glad to see you and we can take that donated pet food right over to the car or give it away immediately. You can also call for more info on this. (see below).

UPDATE: Of the several “cat situations” that were reported to us last month, one was successfully resolved by having those four kitties spayed/neutered at a local clinic; in one the kitties mysteriously disappeared from the location reported to us (worrisome); in one there are kittens too young for spay/neuter. The person involved will continue to see that they are fed. And in one the cats are in need of spay/neuter and will need to be trapped. This one is pending. Not perfect, but we’re working on it.

GOOD NEWS: In a pending “dog situation” where the owners refused spay/neuter, the dog was pregnant when the people went to jail. Luckily someone quickly alerted Animal Services who picked up the mom and the babies who had just been born, and they have gone to a Rescue group where they will find a home. That was good news.

CHRISTMAS FOR THE ANIMALS: We’re in the process of preparing gift bags for both dogs and cats. The cats of course love catnip mice and both dogs and cats appreciate all kinds of treats. It is very special for the owners of these pets to have something extra to give, so use your imagination. Our regular favorite foods are Friskies Seafood Sensation, Meow Mix and any Purina types for the cats; Pedigree, Kibbles N Bits and any Purina types for the dogs. Small size canned foods are also good. Tarps and bungee cords are always a help as well as running lines, collars for dogs, elastic-release type collars for cats, dog leashes and all size of harness for the dogs, maybe a couple in cat sizes. That’s the wish list for now.

CAT COLONY area cleanup. Our Tent City Tribe of cats is very neat of course. However, we like to replace the hay in their shelters and rake and clip a bit. Some Saturday early in November we’ll take care of this, so if you’d like to go along just let us know.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Elizabeth Howard, Coordinator for the Project at 352-473-9423 or to volunteer or for donation drop-off or pick-up. You can also donate needed funds by mail payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc., c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604, or by PayPal on our blog at . We are a 501c3 charitable organization so all donations are tax deductible

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